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The Agency Relations department of the Mississippi Food Network exists to provide information, resources, training, and monitoring support for member agencies.

Please browse this section for materials that will be helpful to member agencies as
well as agencies considering membership.

Member agencies select products from the Food Bank's warehouse inventory on a regular basis. Member agencies do not purchase food they receive from the Food Bank. They pay a shared maintenance fee, based on .18 per pound of product ordered, which partially offsets the cost to solicit, transport, warehouse and distribute the food and grocery products available to member agencies. Currently, fresh produce is exempt from the shared maintenance fee.
Agency Downloads

Placing Orders & Inventory Management
Instructions for Placing Orders
Call-In Schedule
Shared Maintenance Fee
Tips for Inventory Management (coming soon)

Order Guide & Product Information
Order Guide (full & disaster lists) *NEW*
Order Guide (non-tefap)
Order Guide (tefap-only)
Truck Delivery Schedule

MFN Pre-Application Checklist
Organize & Operate A Food Pantry
MFN Food Pantry Guidelines
MFN Congregate Feeding Guidelines (new)
Other Program Guidelines (new)
MFN Church Qualifier Letter
MFN Church Qualifier Form
MFN Member Agency Handbook

Member Agency Forms & Agreements
MFN Uniform Agency Agreement & Liability Release (EFFECTIVE 4/15/14)
TEFAP Agreement
County Compliance Agreement Attachment C (coming soon)
MFN Handbook Agreement
MFN Policy on Religious Proselytizing
Monthly Report Form (All Agencies) Microsoft Excel File .xlsx
Pest Control Form
2012-2013 TEFAP Client Eligibility Form
2013-2014 TEFAP Client Eligibility Form (new-Updated 6/11/13)
Food Storage Temperature Log

Agency Workshops/Training Opportunities/Capacity Building
2014 Orientation Schedule
Food Safety Trainings & Information (new)
SNAP Outreach Referral Form (new)
Fundraising Tips & Links  Microsoft Word Document
2012 Member Agency Conference Information (new)
Capacity Building (coming soon)
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